Steel has many different uses in the society. It is an important construction material because of its strength, durability and malleability. There are many things made of the said alloy, like pipes, wires and deformed bars in the Philippines. These are all essential and they are a part of the modernization of the society.

Earth is a storehouse of amazing materials. It can supply anything like the gold and jewels we wear as accessories as well as the fuel that powers our cars. There are 90 or so natural elements are majority of them are metals. Metals are useful but sometimes they are less than perfect for the jobs we need them to do. For example, iron is notable for its strength but it is rather brittle and it rusts in damp air. Another example is aluminum. It is light but, when in its pure form, it is too soft and weak. This is the reason why most of the “metals” we use are not actually metals at all. In fact, they are alloys.


Alloys—What Are They?


Alloys are metals combined with other substances to enhance their properties. An alloy could be a solid solution of metal elements or a mixture of metallic phases. We can see alloys everywhere. Tooth fillings, bridges, buildings and the satellite in space—they’re made of alloys. Examples are steel, solder, brass, pewter and amalgams.


Metallic Alloy Sculpture

How Are Alloys Made?


The traditional way of making alloys was by melting them until they reach a liquid state. After mixing these components together, they will be cooled into a solid solution. Another way of making an alloy is by powder metallurgy. The metals will be turned into powders before combining them together. Then they will be fused using high temperature and pressure. The third method is the ion implantation. This precise technique involves firing ion beams onto the surface layer of a piece of metal.


What Are The Most Common Alloys?

Each alloy was made for different purposes. There are variations on most alloys and every mixture varies, depending on the purpose. The following are the most common alloys and their uses:


This is a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture. Dentists use this to fill cavities caused by tooth decay.

Brass Door Knob


This is a combination of copper and zinc and it is always used for musical instruments. It can also be used to make locks and bolts for doors as well as central heating piping.


Bronze is an alloy that consists of copper, tin, and other metals like nickel or zinc. It is used for sculptures, musical instruments and coins.


Steel is a result of the mixture of iron and carbon. Other elements like manganese, vanadium and chromium can be included to strengthen steel’s properties. Metal parts, structures, and household items are often made of steel.

Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver

This alloy is produced when a little bit of copper is incorporated with silver. It is often made into jewelry, medical tools, and cutlery.

White gold

White gold is an alloy of gold and one white metal, which can be nickel, manganese or palladium. It is always used in jewelry and decorations.

We all know that every material we could ever want is lurking somewhere underneath us. Sometimes, these materials need a little boost, hence the existence of alloys. We use them everywhere and every day to make our lives better and easier.