One of the most recycled materials on this planet is steel. In the Philippines, steel bars and other things made of steel have an extremely high recycling rate. Thanks to their impressive metallurgical properties, steel can be recycled continually from one product to another, with no degradation in performance.


Why Recycle?

Recycling ferrous metals has a lot of financial and environmental benefits. It reduces the need to extract and manufacture raw materials, diverts them from the landfill, and contributes significant savings in greenhouse gas emissions. All types of steel are 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite amount of times.

Making steel cans from recycled material uses 25% of energy compared to producing from raw materials. Recycling 1 kilogram of steel keeps 2 kilograms of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. By recycling, these products can be diverted from the landfill. Since materials are reprocessed, raw materials will be conserved. For every ton of steel recycled, we can save 1,131 kilograms of iron ore, 633 kilograms of coal, and 54 kilograms of limestone.

Recycling steel also minimizes the amount of steel waste.

iron metal recycle

How is Steel Recycled?

All types of steel can be recycled. Whether they are as big as beams and pillars or as small as food tins and aerosol cans, we can reuse them into something else. Here is how you can with some steel products you can find in your home:

After the metal is collected, steel scrap metal and products are taken to a steel refinery. These materials will be assessed for their alloy makeup. For example, in steel cans tin is removed thru reverse electroplating before the cans are melted down to liquid metallic iron and are used in new steel production.

Recycling steel has presented so many financial and environmental benefits. Aside from saving up the raw materials, landfills won’t be too filled with metals anymore and greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced. Since steel is one of the most used materials in the world, recycling steel materials will be one of the biggest ways mankind can help in saving the environment.