Our country is on the brink of change, and we welcome it with open arms. The development of the Philippines has long been overdue. With rising structures all over the metro, more and more construction services are opening opportunities for work. Deformed Bar in the Philippines is becoming a prime commodity for distribution as development structures continue to emerge in prime locations.

Purpose of Deformed Bar

Steel is the best material that can be used in order to reinforce concrete. Steel and concrete both possess approximately the same expansion properties under normal conditions. This means that they can expand and contract in unison. But in extreme high temperature conditions, steel expands more rapidly than concrete that may cause the structure to burst from within. Deformed bars are steel bars that are placed as a skeleton for concrete structures. They are used in order to reinforce the strength of the structure. Deformed steel bars are reinforced with surface projections, indentions, patterned ridges, and sometimes with a light firm layer of rust in order for the steel to adhere to the concrete.

Adherence to Concrete

Physics tells us that resistance force is the force with which an effort force must overcome in order to accomplish a task via a simple machine. Steel and concrete act in unison in order to resist force brought about by gravity and the weight of the whole construction, whether it be a building a building, a bridge, or any other type of construction. Concrete is strong in compression in that it can be packed tight. However, concrete alone will easily crumble where tension is needed. For this reason, concrete is good for columns and posts, but for beams, foundation walls, or floors, concrete must be reinforced with steel bars in order to reach the correct tension for the structure.

Why Deformed?

Apart from the fact that concrete and steel work well together as a resistance force, steel bonds very well with concrete. However, plain bars without any deformation will just slide between the concrete. The concrete needs to bond well with the steel in order for the structure to hold. Deformations on the steel bar will help with adhering to concrete. Steel reinforcement bars (or rebars for short) are patterned with deformations and ridges behind the principle that large bearing surfaces increases mechanical bonding between the two materials. This means that the rougher the steel bar is, the better bond it holds with the concrete. For this reason alone, steel with a light, firm layer of rust is considered superior to clean steel without signs of corrosion. Removing loose, scaly rust with a burlap or a similar material will reveal the firm layer of rust on the steel for better adherence to the concrete construction.

The country is developing, as evidence of deformed bars in the Philippines peeking out of construction sites all around the metro. More and more structures are being made as more jobs accommodate the developing economy. As we look to the horizon for signs of progression and development, let’s stay positive that the coming change will proliferate and permeate within the consciousness of the Filipino masses.