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Country’s Steel Industry

There are plenty of uses for steel bars in the Philippines and all over the world. In fact, numerous constructions of various establishments and structures depend on steel bars. In the country, one of the leading companies and prominent icons in the steel industry is TKL Steel Corporation – one of the largest suppliers of steel products in the Philippines.

TKL Steel had a humble beginning but through diligence and dedication, they later on found success in the industry. The lone hardware store of Robert Kimgiok Tan and Helen Sy Tan grew bigger and started distributing to more clients. Now, TKL Steel Corporation caters to various hardware stores, construction contractors, and other prominent suppliers of steel in Metro Manila.

There is no doubt that TKL Steel Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of steel in the country. Here are some of the products that they provide their vast clientele with:

Angle Bars

One of the products that TKL Steel Corp., offers are angle bars. Angle bars – which are sometimes called “L-bracket” or “angle iron” – is reminiscent of the right angle as it is shaped like the letter L and it has several roles when it comes to construction.

Often, angle bars are used as support beams; however, they are also sometimes utilized to provide additional strength and stability to an erected structure. In building constructions, angle bars are used to equip the tower with horizontal and vertical structural support.

In some instances, professionals make use of angle bars to keep a structure in good shape. Since these bars have very angular corners, they are used to reinforce the edges and angles of buildings. Because angle bars are usually made of galvanized steel, they are more resilient against corrosion and damage brought upon by changing weather conditions. This means that corners fortified by angle bars are long lasting and less likely to chip and corrode over time.

Flat Bars

As its name suggests, this kind of steel bars are flat and rectangular in shape. This strong malleable metal can be used in both large-scale constructions and simple do-it-yourself projects at home. Since they are pretty easy to weld and manipulate to form various shapes in different sizes, flat bars are commonly used in construction.

Like angle bars, flat bars are pretty versatile. Often, they are used in building frames however, they are also sometimes used in fabricating and manufacturing. There are instances when flat bars are fabricated to create important sections before construction even commence. In other circumstances, it is the material used to make ready-made sections, like plate girders, that one can readily buy. Either way, it helps professionals save plenty of time!

One more reason why plenty of people make use of flat bars is because they are recyclable. You can still cut and weld a used flat bar to create a new form or shape that you can use to serve a different function! In addition, if you use this type of steel bar to create an establishment, it would be easier for you to replace or reinforce parts of the constructed structure that are in need of repair or renovation.

Deformed Bars

Like angle and flat bars, TKL Steel Corporation also offers deformed bars. What are these? Deformed bars are rounded rods of steel that has ridges around it. Its deformed surface is helpful especially because it is commonly reinforced in concrete structures – the edges on the rods minimizes slippage and improves its bond with concrete, helping anchor it in place.

Deformed bars are commonly used as tensioning devices that holds concrete in compression. Although concrete can be firm and solid, it is not very good with tension. Therefore, when creating beams, foundation walls, and girders, it is better when you use concrete but with the support of deformed bars.

In most constructions – especially with large structures – metal products are very important. Although plenty of stores offer these vital tools, not all of them can provide you with high quality products that can be delivered on time. When it comes to steel bars in the Philippines, trust only the best; TKL Steel Corporation offers a wide range of steel bar products that would surely fit your needs!