history of steel

Deformed bars are useful for construction companies in the Philippines and all over the world. It is a common steel bar and is often used as a tensioning device in reinforced concrete. It is also used to reinforce structures by holding the concrete in compression. A deformed bar is usually formed from carbon steel and is given ridges for better mechanical anchoring to reinforce concrete.

It is undoubtedly a very useful item, as are other steel products. But where did it all begin?

Where did steel come from?

The years 1870-1914 are considered as the period of the Second Industrial Revolution by historians. The First Industrial Revolution may have caused the growth of industries like coal, iron, railroad and textiles; the Second Industrial Revolution witnessed the bloom of electricity, petroleum and steel.

The changes that occurred during this period had to do with new products replacing old ones. For instance, steel began to replace iron. Because steel was far more durable than iron, people began to utilize it for construction projects, industrial machines, railroads, ships and many other items. Steel production also made it possible for railroads to be built at competitive costs, which further spread transportation and made it more reliable.

The modern steel industry began during the mid-19th century and steel production was mostly centered in Britain, supplying the European and American market. Steel used to be so costly – so much so that it was only used to make tools and swords. That was until Henry Bessemer, an English inventor, devised a way in the 1860s to make steel production cheaper. The method was called the ‘Bessemer process’ and from then on, steel became used all over the world for construction and other applications because of its versatility, high tensile strength and low cost. Its internal structure can be changed depending on how it is going to be used like making something as small as a razor blade to something big like the large beams used for bridges and buildings.

Because steel has become a major influence in our lives, it’s no wonder many companies began to join the steel industry. And in the Philippines, TKL Steel is the best company that provides high quality products and services in construction and hardware.

What do you need steel for?

The mass production of steel became a way for countries like the United States and Britain to rise in power particularly during the Industrial Revolution, even though it was iron that began the revolution. Despite its history as the main material to make weapons, armor and cutlery (because steel production used to be really expensive), steel has incorporated itself in our lives as the foundation of buildings we see in business districts, the vehicles we ride in, and in the very house we live in. Aside from construction, steel is also used to make the appliances we use to make day to day chores easier. Steel has paved the way for urbanization and sustainable economic growth.

Who is TKL Steel?

TKL Steel started out as ‘TKL Hardware and Construction Supply’ owned by Robert Kimgiok Tan and his wife Helen Sy Tan. It was established after TK Hardware and Electrical Supply, a store owned by Robert Tan’s parents, burned down in 1985. The couple came up with the name TKL by combining ‘TK’, the name of his parent’s store, and ‘L’ for Laurence, the couple’s first-born child. And in 1993, TKL began to concentrate on steel products due to their clients’ increasing demand for steel hence the addition of the word ‘steel’ in the company’s name. Four years later, TKL was then acknowledged as a corporation in the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Why TKL Steel?

The company’s vision is to become “synonymous to quality products, services, and innovation in construction and hardware across industries, markets and territories” and to “continuously improve the legacy of our founders in providing opportunities for the holistic development of our employees and stakeholders towards a better future and stable way of life”.

For 30 years, TKL Steel strictly stuck to their vision and noble intentions to ensure that they are providing nothing but the products of the highest quality at the best prices for their customers. They make sure that each product has no defect, even the tiniest flaw will be properly dealt with so they can maintain excellence in their products and services for their clients and customers peace of mind from order to delivery, which is always on time. There will be no regrets when becoming a client or customer of TKL Steel because, just like their products, TKL Steel clients and customers are always cared for.

To know more about TKL Steel, go visit their website You can also send inquiries in their e-mail address or visit them in their address: 2206-2208 Oroquieta cor. Batangas Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila.