Sellers of steel plates in the Philippines are easy to find now. It is very convenient that there are so many suppliers of steel everywhere today, unlike in the past – when steel was still new – when only blacksmiths used to work with them.

A blacksmith is a person who works with metals. In the medieval times, they used to work with any kind of material that can be melted and molted, whether that’s copper, silver, gold, and iron. Other than that, they also made jewelry. It can be said that medieval blacksmiths could be one of the most talented craftsmen back then. They were the ones who were responsible for creating most of the tools that people used, including farming equipment, kitchen utensils, as well as weapons and armor for soldiers. 

What do blacksmiths do?

Blacksmiths create tools by melting, molding, hammering, and forging metals such as iron or melted ores. They work with iron and steel – and even silver and gold – for jewelry should someone commission one from them. They may also work with a person who works with gems to insert gemstones to their creations, such as crowns, rings, and jewelry.


First, they heat up and melt the ore, then they mix it with other metals to be able to mold and hammer them into shape. Here are some of the tools that a blacksmith creates from steel. 

Swords – you can see these in period drama shows on TV or at the cinema, where stories set in medieval times use swords to fight in duels or in wars. 

Daggers – maybe you’ve seen these in more modern movies, where any character keeps one for self-defense; maybe those who lived in the medieval ages used it just for that, too. 

Lances or spears – these are the tips of long wooden sticks that are used for fights or war. 

Knives – they made knives for everybody, as people used this for cutting meat and removing fur from the animals they hunted. 

Kitchen utensils – of course people back then used spoons, forks, and knives to eat, too!   

Objects for the home – they made locks and keys for doors, as well as metal handles for light fixings. 

Defensive objects – blacksmiths also made items that can be used for defense such as portcullises for castles – tools that are used to trap invaders within the outer court of a castle. 


Jewelry – who else is crafty and talented enough to create those gold and silver crowns that adorn the heads of royalty? They also made other jewelries aside from crowns, such as necklaces, bangles, and earrings.

We still use steel to create some of the items stated above. However, these days, they’re much faster and much more convenient to make. Also, it’s probably much, much cheaper to use steel to make these items since a blacksmith isn’t the only one making them anymore. Now, we’ve got factors and automatic furnaces, but professionals still have to look after these magnificent machines for them to work properly, produce great steel, and of course, so that nobody gets hurt.