Steel, one of the hardest metal alloys known to man, has been used ever since ancient civilizations. In the Philippines, steel pipes, bars, plates, and beams in the basic foundation of infrastructures. Steel is also used to make tools, cutlery, and vehicles. This goes to show how important steel is to the modern society.

It is no surprise that this alloy is incorporated in Pokémon, one of the world’s most famous games ever. In the Pokémon universe, the creatures are classified according to several types, which defines their battle abilities. Some are Fire-types, Water-types, and Lightning-types, to name a few. Of course, there are also Steel-types. Steel-type Pokémon are known for their impressive defense and the ability to tank out strong moves against their opponents. Here are 5 of the most impressive Steel-Types in the Pokémon universe.

  1. Steelix

Everyone knows who Onix is. This impressive Pokémon is large, imposing, and has incredible defense that Pikachu, the protagonist’s Pokémon, could not defeat. In the second generation of Pokémon, trainers can now evolve their Onix into Steelix; this is possible through trading the former while holding an item called Metal Coat. Steelix is known as one of the best stealth rock setters. As Mega Steelix, it has the highest Defense stats among other Pokémon. It is also the tallest Steel and Ground-type Pokémon to date. 

  1. Aggron

If you are not into Steelix, then you might consider an Aggron. Aggron is basically a better Steelix; it has better overall stats and has a better move pool. Whatever Steelix can do, Aggron can do it a hundred times better. Like Steelix, Aggron also has a mega evolution, allowing it to become a pure steel type – something that is rare in the Pokémon universe. As a pure steel type, Mega Aggron enjoys a high physical defense and resistance especially compared to dual types. Even though its speed is rather low, you can admit that Aggron and its Mega Evolution looks pretty cool. 

  1. Mawile

Pokémon players used to look down on Mawile. When it debuted, people thought Mawile was nothing but a hindrance, the Zubat of the Generation III games. Everything changed when the X and Y games came because Mawile gained a Mega Evolution. This allowed Mawile to wreck almost anything, making it a formidable opponent in Pokémon Battles. With its dual typing of Fairy-Steel, Mega Mawile can resist many types that exist in the game. It can take hits and return equal or more damage. With the right stats, this cute Pokémon can knock out a Mewtwo with a single Sucker Punch. 

  1. Lucario

The cool kid in the block, Lucario is one of the fan favorites thanks to its attacks like Aura Sphere and Close Combat. Truth be told, Lucario is not that strong and has a lot of weaknesses. However, everything changed when it got a Mega Evolution. A couple of Swords Dance, followed by a Close Combat will instantly knock out the enemies. Mega Lucario is undeniably the Bruce Lee of Pokémon. 

  1. Metagross

Many people consider Metagross as one of the best Steel-Types in the Pokémon Universe. This floating ton of steel possesses psychic abilities and is arguably a force to reckon with. This steel wall can turn its enemies’ minds into soup. With its Mega Evolution and deadly Meteor Mash, Metagross is definitely an opponent you have to watch out for.

When they were introduced in Gen II, Steel-Types did not make much of an impact especially compared to other types like Dragon or Fairy. However, with later generations and mega evolutions, Steel-Types can now stand against some of the strongest types in the Pokémon universe. With the right move set and pairing, Steel-types can eliminate enemies in a single attack.